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  • S1nkD -

    Lol I didn't even pick up on you, welcome to our community and hope you have a great stance. (And learn some Spanish too :P)

  • Sandriitaah -

    Welcome and hope we dont make so much problems here :P Hope you enjoy the work <3 Also good luck!! ^^

  • Magu -

    ¡Welcome! <3

  • Yxeon -

    Hi! Long time no see! Didn't expect you to be here :o

  • Rukh -

    Hi! I didn't realize until now we've got a new CoMa lol.

    Btw nice picture I love bears.

    My inbox will be always open for you in case you wanna tell me some news in advance. :alts: hahahaha.

    So welcome and try to not get roasted on the way in this forum. Let's see how everything's going, good luck.

    • Drestam -

      Don't worry, it's all new, you're not this late ;)

      That would depend on how many 0's you're ready to give up for these news :kappa:


  • TheRealDeepStriker -

    Welcome <3

    • Drestam -


  • Drestam -

    No, I didn't copy pasted "Thank you!" (I really didn't)

    • *CANON* -

      XDDD, welcome!! I hope everything goes well for you as CM

  • Ataik -


    • Drestam -

      Thank you!

  • Hélida -

    Welcome to our community. I hope you feel comfortable here. :D

    • Drestam -

      Thank you!

  • Ewddy -

    Bienvenido CoMa. Ojalá un régimen mejor (=

    Ojalá, como se estaba haciendo, se siga transmitiendo la opinión de los usuarios en Discusión General a la empresa. Muchas mejoras llegaron de esta forma


    • Drestam -

      Thank you! No worries, I will keep forwarding everything that should be forwarded ;)